Transparent Packaging

Premiere at 'A-Genre' Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel-Aviv, September 2008.



My vision is focused
I breath mindfully
I concentrate on the movements of my arms
I raise my right arm
And I raise my left arm
All is quiet…


I'm trying to stick to the good thoughts and to the nice feelings I experience, in every possible way and I'm making huge efforts to reject the dark and the somber.
I listen to the voices in my mind. I enjoy those which pull me high and I fight unceasingly the voices that push me into despair.


I still hope to be able to create, one day, enough space within me which will allow me some peace of mind.


Devised and performed by Mica Dvir
Co-creator performer: Amit Gur
Sound Editing: Dror Taplizki
Light Design: Yair Vardi

Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness