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Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.


Michal Dvir is an interdisciplinary performer. Her performances are social and political and deal with themes such as the conditioning of social norms, attachment to objects and ideas, the individual vs. the collective, the Israeli occupation of the West-bank, collective memory vs. individual's behavior. 


Over the past years she devised and performed the following pieces:

2022- Still. Life.


2019 - Departure Gate 9A

2017 - Around Fixating Territories

​2016 - Mixed- Media

2016 - Please Do Not, Please Do


2015 - street Language


2014 - Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing Facts, Light And Darkness


2012-13 - Around Dark Matter


2010-11 - Fin-Land


2010 - Voice Over


2008 - Transparent Packaging


2007 - 15 Minutes Starting Now


​Michal's works were performed in theatres and festivals in Tel-Aviv, Calcutta, Munich, Berlin, Cincinnati and in NYC.


She worked as an actress in 'Hakameri Theatre'- Tel-Aviv's municipal theater (1998-2003) and in 'Tmuna fringe Theatre' (2001- 2005).


2022 - M.A Drama Therapy,Haifa University

2003 - B.E.D in theatre from the 'Kibutzim college'

1999 - Bet- Zvi- School for Performing Arts






Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness

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