Mica Dvir







Born 1971, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.



Mica studied acting in 'Bet- Zvi- School for Performing Arts' during the years 1995-1998.

She worked as an actress in 'Hakameri Theatre'- Tel-Aviv's municipal theater- in the years 1998-2003, and in 'Tmuna Theatre'- Tel-Aviv's main fringe theatre- in the years 2001- 2005.


Over the past years she devised and performed the following pieces:

2018 - 'Departure Gate 9A'

2017 - 'Around Fixating Territories'

​2016 - 'Mixed- Media'

2016 - 'Please Do Not, Please Do'


2014 - 'street Language'


2014 - 'Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing Facts, Light And Darkness'


2012-13 - 'Around Dark Matter'


2010-11 - 'Fin-Land'


2010 - 'Voice Over'


2008 - 'Transparent Packaging'


2007 - '15 minutes starting now'



In her works she deals with themes such as attachment to objects and ideas, getting free of the control of the mind, time/space, memories, synchronicity, the collective vis-a-vis the individual.


Her works were performed in theatres and festivals in Tel-Aviv, Calcutta, Munich, Berlin, Cincinnati,  and in NYC.



Contact: micadvir@gmail.com



Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness