Fin- Land

Premiere at Nandikar Theatre Festival, Calcutta, India, December 2011.


"Events occur in sequence within the dimension of time- the fundamental structure of the universe. In order for an event, to which we are exposed, to be registered in our brain, two basic conditions should take place. The first condition is that the level of the electric activity in the brain's neural pathways would reach a certain level of stimulation.
The second condition is that our brain would estimate that an experienced event is important enough to be remembered".


I would like to grasp time, hold it tight and turn it backwards.
I would like to have an immediate, easy access to all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings that I have ever experienced and to those yet to come.
I would like to keep them in a sterile space, untouched by the decay of time.
I would like to be able to control them, down to the smallest detail, and to re-live them again and again and again.


Devised by Mica Dvir.
Performers: Khalis Franconnet , Mica Dvir.
Sound Editing: Orpaz Agranov.
Light Design: Ofer Laufer

Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness