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Around Dark Matter



​Hebrew version premiere at Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel, April 2012

English Version premiere at i-camp Theater, Munich, Germany, May 2013


The piece deals with the remembrance of the Holocaust and explores it from the collective point of view and from a personal one.

Are the ways in which I remember the Holocaust and the intensity of the memory a result of who I am and of my personality or are they influenced by the way my country wants me to remember? Since my country grossly uses the remembrance of the Holocaust on a daily basis and willingly enrolls itself in the victim part.


I try to understand my obsession regarding the Holocaust and the huge interest that this piece of history invokes in me.
I try to understand the force that keeps pulling me, again and again, to immerse myself in this dark matter.
And sometimes I just try to forget.


Devised and performed by Michal Dvir.
Sound editing Marsiel Buhazera, Orpaz Agranov.
Lighting design Danya Zemer.

​Duration 50 mn                                    



 Producers' Pick of the Fringe, Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Ohio, 2014.    



"She exposes her body... in a black bikini with two yellow stars on the top. This is a provocative protest against society's forced mode of remembering. As an Israeli she can dare such things".

                                                                                                      Malve Gradinger, Münchner Merkur, May 8th 2013.



"A striking image which describes the aversion of Israels' young generation of the way the state dictates to them how and what to remember".

                                                                                                     Thorsten Glotzmann, Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 09, 2013.

Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness

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