Within Fixating Territories


 Premiere July 2017, at 'Circle 1' Gallery, Berlin.   

I limit myself  with should and should not instructions, with right and wrong, permitted  and forbidden, necessary and needless, profound and superficial, more and less, promoting and inhibiting, In and Out of trends, simple and special, fattening and slimming, much and less, beautiful and ugly, healthy and unhealthy, fascinating and boring, meaningful and insignificant, sufficient and lack.

'Within Fixating Territories' is an English solo piece adaptation of the piece 'Mixed- Media', and was created for the space of 'Circle 1' Gallery.

Throughout the performance Mica examines her fixating beliefs and tries to break through the social norms and social conditioning creating these beliefs. She is doing so by intervening with the audience- which functions as the voice of the Western society but also as individuals brainwashed by this same society.



​Duration: 40 minutes.


Devised and performed by: Mica Dvir.

Sound editing: Ran Levari.







Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness