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Still Life.


Premiere June 2022, 'A-Genre' Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel-Aviv.

"On October 25th Yariv stood me up for the first time... It was the beginning of a long, painful routine".

The performance is related to Yariv and to difficult memories. And to the age of 16 and 36.

How do we process a memory? And a painful one? Perhaps a good way to start is to do it together. Hopefully this will bring some relief.

Memories we perceive as triggering and which cause us uneasiness, will be processed together on stage. By relating to different aspects of these memories, a sequence of processing acts will be suggested to create a sense of relief.

Devised and performed by Michal Dvir

Lighting design Oded Komemi

Dramaturgy Erez Ma'ayan-Shalev, Itai Doron

Duration 20 mn

טבע. דומם 1.jpg
טבע. דומם 5-0.jpg
6טבע. דומם-0.jpg
טבע. דומם 4-0.jpg

Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness

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