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Mixed Media


Premiere September 2016, 'Tmuna International Festival', Tel-Aviv 

I limit myself  with should and should not instructions, with right and wrong, permitted  and forbidden, necessary and needless, profound and superficial, more and less, promoting and inhibiting, In and Out of trends, simple and special, fattening and slimming, much and less, beautiful and ugly, healthy and unhealthy, fascinating and boring, meaningful and insignificant, sufficient and lack.


We surround ourselves with ideas and beliefs, with social norms and conditioning, with concept and rules that limit us and control our life.

We strive for being free but we live within defined conceptual boundaries that dominate our mindset completely. Conceptual boundaries regarding success, the right lifestyle, happiness, goals, achievements and more.  

Throughout the piece the performers re-examine their fixed and fixating set of believes. They try to understand what is the role of these believes in their life, why do we insist on keeping them, how our life will be once we are free of our limiting believes and whether it is possible…

Devised by Michal Dvir

Performed by Sharon Tal, Michal Dvir

Lighting design Guy Galili

Video and sound editing Yoav Ruda

Duration: 50 minutes.

With the support of 'Mifal HaPayis' (the national lottery of Israel) council for  the culture and arts.

Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness

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