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Departure Gate 9A

Premiere July 2018, at Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin.  


Departure Gate 9A revolves around immigration and focuses on the individual experience of leaving one's homeland and starting a life in another country - whatever the reason for this act may be.

The performance explores different elements that compose the immigration process such as the moment in which the decision to immigrate occurs; the reasons for immigrating; the physical objects one chooses to take with him/her; dealing with mentality differences and with language limitations and the relationship with one's homeland.

By sharing her immigration experiences and through the spectators' participation the performer aims at shedding light and mapping common themes immigrants- of all kinds- are facing along their journey towards creating life in a new place.

Devised and performed by Michal Dvir

Sound editing Ran Lev-Ari

​Duration 45 mn


Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing       Facts, Light And Darkness

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